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WSJ Op-ed: Jared Polis’s Wolves Are Moving In on Denver

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis recently signed a bill to reintroduce the vicious weasel known as the wolverine to the state. What could go wrong? Plenty, if Colorado’s recent experience reintroducing the gray wolf is anything to go by.

In 2020, Colorado voters narrowly passed a ballot initiative to reintroduce the gray wolf in designated areas in the state west of the Continental Divide. Most of the “yes” votes came from urban counties, including Denver and Boulder, while rural counties voted “no.” Opponents warned that wolves are dangerous to livestock, threaten tourism, and would eventually migrate east into the suburbs of such cities as Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Mr. Polis brushed off the warnings.

In December 2023, Colorado Parks and Wildlife released 10 wolves wearing Global Positioning System collars into the state. Mr. Polis pulled the kennel latch himself. It didn’t take long for the animals to show up where they weren’t wanted.

Please read the rest at Helen's substack newsletter.


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