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Are you tired of empty talk and looking for new ideas and new inspiration?


As a dynamic and highly sought after public speaker, Helen's speeches have captivated many audiences on national and international stages.  She is best known for making complicated concepts simple, personable and actionable. She frequently headlines radio shows, conferences, dinners and events. Her media appearances include Fox News, One America News Network, C-Span, PBS and numerous radio talks shows and podcasts.


Her experiences of living through two different social economic systems and especially her immigration journey, give her a unique credibility and authenticity to speak on topics such as entrepreneurship, free markets, immigration reform and doing business in China. She will leave the audience awed and inspired.


Bob Schaffer, former U.S. Congressman, Principal at Liberty Common High School

"Helen did a fantastic job as the keynote speaker before the entire student body at Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. She spoke on the topic of prudence, and made a powerful, positive impact on our students. Many in the crowd said it was the best speech they'd ever heard. Helen's personal story and character give her unique credibility to speak about business, integrity, entrepreneurship, and the American Dream." 

Brandon Addison,  host of City Forum

"In a world of partisan division and policy-fueled emotion, Helen Raleigh brings a reasoned, thoughtful, and experienced perspective on immigration reform in the US.   Her strong, yet graceful, presence is a needed voice in today's rhetorical climate."

Anand Basawapatna, MBA, PMP, Consultant at Pronghorn LLC

"Helen gave an excellent presentation on how to start one's own consulting firm. Her presentation articulated the advantages and disadvantages as well as the steps to take to register and how to get consulting jobs. The audience was actively engaged and found her advice to be very helpful. Helen is a very knowledgeable and entertaining presenter."

Dr. Paul Prentice, Professor of Economics, Colorado Technical University


“I have heard Helen Raleigh speak on three different occasions. I first heard her at the Hungry Minds Speaker Series. I was so impressed that I invited Helen to speak at the Pikes Peak Economics Club, and then at the Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs. In each venue, she had the audience riveted with her personal story of conversion from Communist to Capitalist.”

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