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Helen has researched the topic of immigration extensively and all parts of the book are well-documented. From answering the question, “Is immigration good for America?” to exploring the history, issues, and failed fixes of illegal immigration, Helen identifies problems that currently exist and a way forward to developing an immigration system that will work for all. There are common sense approaches, steps and procedures enumerated that would use much of the information already collected but would streamline the process, diminish potential threats, improve the safety of Americans, and contribute to the economic health of the country. The broken immigration system in the U.S. hurts everyone. “The Broken Welcome Mat” is the most definitive book I have ever seen on the subject.


Do yourself a favor and read it.


J.A. Hunsinger


It is a splendid piece of scholarship. Immigration's being a hot-button issue has resulted in many works which are based on the author's opinion and a few cherry-picked facts to support it. Raleigh starts with the founders' intent and documents significant legislation throughout the nation's history, describing both causes and effects.

Arriving at the present, Raleigh takes a sober look at where we stand at attempts a pragmatic path forward. While it is not exactly the path I would choose, she addresses the things which I feel to be both true and important. It helps that she demonstrates her appreciation for other sides in the debate:

Using both her first hand knowledge as an immigrant, and vociferous research, She examines the US immigration system and policies of other nations, finding a couple others to be doing it a little better.

Informative and a pleasant read -- Five Stars!

Johnny & Riza


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