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Helen Raleigh provides a totally different perspective to the world of finance by identifying behaviors, both good and bad, associated with investing. Each chapter begins with a Zen story, and as Raleigh says in the preface to her book, “It is common that every person can learn different things from the same Zen story because we are all different people with different experiences.”

The reader is given ample opportunity for investment self-evaluation; the stories and quotes provide a solid springboard for thought and reflection. The book also gives thorough definitions to financial terms and certifications. This is important because the average investor can be intimidated by terms or acronyms, and a full understanding is critical to making good decisions.

“Invest Like a Zen Master” is a perfect handbook for novice investors; however, the level of substance contained in the book make it worthy to be read by any investor. I highly recommend this book.

Phyllis Hunsinger


I listened to a speech Helen gave last year. She pointed out that many people don't know how much they spend a year at Starbucks. A person's answer is not right or wrong but knowing the amount is the key point. I could not answer the question and it plagued me for month's until I finally sat down and figured out "my amount." Helen always makes you think. This book is fast and insightful. My favorite chapter is Chapter 5 about Perspective.


Kim Tasch


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