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The Daily Caller Interview

Will Asian Americans Trend Conservative?

Most Asian-Americans I have talked with emphasize that pushing back on affirmative-action policies is not just a fight for their own children but also for fairness and equality more broadly. They believe that no form of discrimination should be legal, that racial preferences are divisive, and that merit should count for at least as much as other admission criterion

The Daily Caller Interview

If Washington Can Be Condemned, None of US is Safe

The dismantling of Washington’s statue — and the dismantling of all historical statues — won’t stop the mob. More obliterations will come. Each destructive act that is left unchallenged will embolden the mob further.

The Daily Caller Interview

In a totalitarian regime, children's books are not meant to bring joy or inspiration. Their sole purpose is to instill the correct political ideology in the young mind. In such a new world where ignorance is power, future generations of Americans probably will have a childhood like mine: they may never read any books by Dr. Seuss nor hear of Beethoven’s music.

The Daily Caller Interview

Happy Chinese New Year. Please Appropriate My Culture

This Chinese New Year, I encourage you to appropriate Chinese culture by wearing something Chinese, learning how to say “Happy New Year," cooking and eating Chinese food, and hanging out with your Chinese friends. Don’t let anyone dictate what you can or can’t do in the name of “cultural appropriation.” Do the thing that’s increasingly off-limits: Have fun.


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