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Many signs pointed to an inevitable conclusion that Myanmar's so-called transition to a democracy was a farce. Nevertheless, Obama embraced it wholeheartedly. Myanmar's military staged a coup in February, 2021. With little leverage left, the new Biden administration face a serious challenge. 

China Closing Its Houston Consulate Is A Sign We’re In A New Cold War

It's always ominous when a diplomatic mission destroys documents. Whatever the reason behind China's frantic purge at its Houston consulate, it isn't good.

It should concern all of us that if China keeps pushing the limits of its aggressive tactics, a military confrontation may become unavoidable. At least one defense expert, Robert Farley, has predicted that the first real Sino-U.S. war could be fought in the South China Sea. Let’s hope that will never happen.

PBS Interview 


John Caldara, President of The Independence Institute and host of PBS "The Devil's Advocate" show interviewed Helen Raleigh on her new book, "Backlash: How China's Aggression Has Backfired." 


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