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Tibetan Tsering Woeser has bravely published a new book of photographs, 'Forbidden Memory,' that provides essential historical documentation of Chinese oppression in Tibet during the Cultural Revolution

new Boxer movement is emerging in China, driven by the Chinese Communist Party’s policies and disinformation campaign regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. Like its predecessor, the new movement has incited open hatred toward foreigners and “traitors”—ethnic Chinese who criticize Party officials for their mishandling of the pandemic.

The more I listen to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s talks and analyze his policies, the more he reminds me of Chavez.Sanders’s policies aren’t a better version of socialism; they are the same as those of socialism past and socialism present

This November 9 marked the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a notorious symbol of the oppression of communism and socialism. Yet people who love liberty cannot yet declare victory on this day of commemoration each year, because the battle hasn’t been won: socialism is staging a comeback in Western democracies, especially in the United States and United Kingdom.

Dany is the most dangerous tyrant in Westeros. She believed so much in her own good intentions that she was not bothered by the atrocity and destruction she caused. Of course, she wouldn’t become such a tyrant without supporters who were enchanted by her charm and vision to cheer her on until it was almost too late.

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Today’s self-identified democratic socialists might need to pick up a copy of Bradford’s book if they think real socialism has never been tried in America. One of the most important legacies of early settlers is that they experimented with socialism in the 1620s, and it didn’t work.

The Coming Global Backlash Against China

The National Review published an excerpt from Helen's new book, "Backlash: How China's Aggression has Backfired."

China Accelerates its Crackdown on Foreign Journalists

Where past Chinese leaders exploited foreign reporters to spread CCP propaganda, Xi Jinping’s regime is ramping up its attacks on them.

Trump Administration's Tough Stance on China's Human Rights Abuses

The Trump administration's one-two punch on China's human rights issues is unprecedented and it has done more to address China's human rights issues than all previous administrations, including those run by Republican presidents.


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